Shop Cruelty-Free Brands

“Shop Cruelty-Free Brands” is a pamphlet compiled by our youth volunteers Emma Carter and Fatima Ghaleb.

They have taken on this project to educate the public concerning the testing of animals in many of the products we use every day.  As noted in their brochure:
“According to PETA, more than 100 million animals are abused and killed for animal experimentation every year. However, nearly 94% of all successful animal trials fail in human clinical trials and many more effective technological alternatives exist, thus making animal testing not merely a cruel practice but one which is completely unnecessary in the modern world.”

Emma and Fatima have included resources and what to look for to see if a product is or is not cruelty-free.  Thank you, girls, for a job well done.

The following link is a compilation of cleaning supplies and personal care products that do not conduct testing on animals.  Although this list is extensive, there are other products that fit into this category.

Shop Cruelty Free Brands